WordPress Website Security Services Agency Arkansas

WordPress Website Security Services Agency Arkansas

Security is always the primary concern when it comes to running WordPress sites. You can’t simply overlook the importance of detection and scanning. There is perhaps no more disastrous event for website runners than when they lose website. And you definitely need a one-stop solution for that!
Want to protect your site from being hacked? We’re here to help. Our WordPress security services are designed to secure and monitor your website according to the newest security measures. We have a team of experts that works around the clock to ensure your website is protected against any spam or hack.

WordPress Security Ignorance

Security ignorance is perhaps one of the greatest threats. You, in fact, compromise website’s security by using outdated themes and plugins. But unfortunately, most web developers fail to realize that. They don’t even recognize that just installing free plugins is not enough. In fact, these free plugins open up more ways for hackers and make things easier for them. Experts at AF Labels ensure to patch-up these common security holes by blocking automated attacks and reinforcing credentials and much more.

Website Security Setup

AF Labels designs a complete setup that protects your website from all sort of hackers and attackers. No one can afford to lose their website. Because when you lose website, you lose every nitty gritty of it. Right from company details to your personal data, employee information, names, addresses, credit card info, everything is lost. I’m sure you would never want to experience such a situation. If you think your website needs a great deal of protection or it’s been hit by some severe security threats, then come join in, let us do our part. You’ll get immediate response on that.

Have a look at an overview of our complete security setup:

Strong password enforcement

Every single user of your website, whether it be admin, editors or the public, each one of them will be bound to use strongest passwords. This is the safest way out and one of the best ways to protect your website.

File change detection

We’ll get email alerts whenever someone tries to hack your website. We’ll be taking immediate action against that by changing or removing your files at that very moment.

Lookout bad users

If someone gives so many tries to get into your website, and fails every single time then we’ll simply block that user to keep him away forever.

Brute force protection

Password guessing attempts will be lowered down to minimum i.e. the number of failed login attempts will be very limited. But for the user only. As for the admin, he/she definitely will be allowed more logins.

Away Mode

We can simply keep your website on “away” mode for a specific period of time. Say for a few hours only. It’ll be made inaccessible to user during night hours as that’s said to be the most crucial time span.

GEO IP banning

If your site is getting a lot of spam from the same source over and over again, say from a certain country, then the IP addresses of that country will be blocked.

WordPress version updates

We’ll make sure your website runs on the newest WordPress software. It’ll be regularly updated and latest versions of software will be employed to keep your website safe from any sort of vulnerability.

Overall maintenance of website

We’ll maintain your website and make it sure that your pages open up correctly, plugins perform in the approved manner and not a single error of any sort shows up. We’ll keep you updated and we’ll make sure you get notified instantly if any issue comes up.

You need not to be scared of any hacker, not anymore. Even in the worst scenario, you’ll be able to retrieve all data. Share your security concerns with us and get rid of hackers forever. Let us deal with all the spammers out there and block all their ways of getting into your site. Contact us now and get your website secured right away!

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