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Online Marketplace Management Simplified!

Managing marketplace has always been crucial to the operations of business because it requires ample efforts to be put in to manage thousands of products and stay connected with numerous people out there. It takes heaps of time to manage the entire procedure right from the shop creation, to stock listing and management, till it is sold and finally its reported. But you do not need to bother about it anymore because the responsibility lies at our end now. We have teamed up to bring you the best exclusive services that can help you grow your business.

Our services include:

Preliminary consulting

You will be contacted by our experts, the detailed analysis of your marketplace will be carried out, the requirements will be highlighted and marketing strategy concerning your product will be discussed.

Store creation

Your business will be given an online presence through the creation of accounts. Our experts will help you reach out to some of the giants of ecommerce market by including services such as Ebay, amazon, etsy, and ruketon Management.

Product Uploading

Once we’re done with the creation of accounts, the items will then be uploaded along with the relevant descriptions and images.


Here at this stage, continuous optimization is needed to remind viewers about the product. So, we’ll make sure we add up suitable keywords in captions to make them more catchy.

Stock management

Centralization, reordering and warehousing of inventory is something you don’t need to worry about. It will all be done by our team of experts. The clear arrangement of inventory will be ensured.


Customer interactions will be analyzed through detailed data and communication. Best possible customer service will be ensured by including various practices such as integrated email, B2B and B2C etc.


Our specialists will monitor the performance of competitors, the changing prices, features and other things concerning products will continuously be noticed to keep you updated regarding the market changes. Keeping in view these changes, we’ll come up with new ways and strategies to ensure that you stand out in the market and outperform your rivals.


Comprehensive reports of your product’s performance on multiple sales channels will be compiled and sent to you time and again.
Being the best supplier of online marketplace management services in Maryland, AF Labels promises to cater to all your marketplace needs in every way possible. Have any queries? Contact us Now. We are just a message away. Our team will be up to answer all your questions at any time of the day!

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