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3rd party logistics (3PL) Solutions

We excel in delivering your products promptly and in flawless condition to their destination.

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Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory storage with our cost-effective bulk warehouse solutions

Order Fulfillment Services

Fulfill orders for your customers seamlessly across all sales channels, anytime and anywhere.

FBA Inventory Prep Service

Picking, packing, and preparation of your inventory, including label application, before shipping to Amazon.


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Receiving Inventory

The first step is scanning and verification. We promptly scan each product into our system.

  • $8 / pallet  receiving
  • $0.80 / unit  receiving
  • $3 / box (Truck load)
  • $45 / hour for inspection
  • $25 palletization / pallet
  • $1.50 per photo

Storage Cost

Our expertise ensures that you use only the necessary resources, minimizing monthly storage costs.

  • $1 for small box
  • $2 for medium box
  • $3 for large box
  • $30 per Pallet/Month (48”x40”x60”)
  • For FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) customers, there is no storage fee for the first 7 days / pallet


We offer comprehensive FBA preparations to ensure seamless acceptance by Amazon:

  • FNSKU / ASIN labeling $0.50 / item
  • $8 Minimum handling charges / shipment
  • Polybag/Bubble/Shrink wrap / item $0.50
  • Fragile wrap $0.80 per item
  • Unbundle / Unit $0.30 / item

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